Supporting programs

Community engagement

An extensive and proactive community and stakeholder engagement program ensures that communities involved with the Victorian Gas Program are informed and engaged as the studies progress. Landholders and local residents can access the scientific findings via progress reports and are provided with opportunities to ask questions and get answers along the way.

Briefings and information sessions in Gippsland and south west Victoria are providing updates to councils and communities about the geoscientific and environmental studies as well as other topics of interest, such as gas production methods and regulatory controls.

Resource planning

A detailed landscape inventory will be prepared to identify key natural resource, cultural, environmental, agricultural and other land use values in areas identified as having a higher potential for onshore conventional gas.

These resource planning activities, conducted in parallel with the geoscientific and environmental studies, will ensure that future decisions about gas exploration and development include a clear understanding of community views and are appropriate to local land uses and features.

For out more about Otway Basin resource planning and land use.

Regulatory improvements

A comprehensive regulatory review will be undertaken in response to the findings of the studies.  A key focus will be to identify national and international best practice in gas regulation, with the aim to inform future government decisions.

Page last updated: 22 Oct 2019