Gippsland Basin resource and land use planning model

Gippsland Basin preliminary model

Gippsland landscape – Grand Ridge Road A resource and land use planning model is currently being developed for the Gippsland Basin using a multi-criteria analysis.  The methodology is outlined here. The preliminary model and methodology were tested with the Victorian Gas Program’s independent Stakeholder Advisory Panel as well as local government planners and other state government agencies to ensure relevant data was captured.

Consultation in Gippsland

The preliminary model was tested at a stakeholder workshop in Traralgon in March 2020 with key staff from local government and other government authorities.

Final Gippsland model

On completion of the consultation phase, the preliminary Gippsland model will be updated accordingly.

The final model will provide visualisation of land uses and landscape sensitivities across Gippsland and demonstrate constraints and opportunities for potential multi and sequential land use.

The model is dynamic and can be built on and reanalysed as required. Any potential future onshore conventional gas exploration and development can be informed by this regional assessment.

A technical report about the Gippsland Basin Resource and Land Use Planning model will be released in the near future.

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