Stavely ground release

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Tenders for minerals explorers opened for the Stavely Arc region in Western Victoria on 22 June 2018.

Following the assessment of tenders by an independent panel of experts, on 22 October 2018, the Minister for Resources announced that six companies had successfully progressed through the tender process for six blocks.

These companies will share more than $2 million in TARGET minerals exploration grants and will likely spend more than ten times this amount on their exploration programs.

A brief summary of each company, proposed exploration program and contact person for queries is provided below:

Block Company name Map and company details Licence application number Date licensed
1 Westrock Minerals EL006869 27 April 2020
3 Stavely Minerals EL006870 Application under assessment
4 Gippsland Prospecting EL006871 Application under assessment
9 Century Minerals EL006872 Application under assessment
10 WIM Resource EL006873 23 September 2019
11 P.S & G.F Forwood EL006874 18 March 2019


Before the release, we completed in-depth scientific research and discussions with local communities known as the Stavely Minerals Exploration Initiative.

We are committed to keeping communities within the Stavely Arc informed about our efforts to encourage investment in minerals exploration and to provide opportunities for them to express their views on the benefits, potential risks and safeguards around minerals exploration.

Activities include:

  • Geoscience programs to identify areas that have the most potential for mineral discoveries.
  • Consultation with regional community leaders about land uses and key environmental, water, cultural and other assets and an assessment which concluded that sensitive areas were generally protected by existing legislation and land planning processes and controls.
  • Making available areas suitable for minerals exploration to encourage the best exploration programs as well as explorers who are committed to working closely with landholders and local communities from start to finish.

Stavely Arc geoscience research

Through the Stavely Project, our research found that the Stavely Arc has potential for new copper, gold and possibly other metals discoveries.

Find out more about the Stavely Minerals Exploration Initiative.

Community engagement

Over the past few years, we spoke to community leaders and stakeholders to learn about the region’s experiences with minerals exploration.

This was also a chance to help all stakeholders and community members better understand the region’s geology, minerals exploration and how it’s regulated.

We continue to consult landholders and the community throughout the licensing process and beyond.

More information for the community.

Land access tool

Before an explorer can access your land you must provide consent. The land access tool will help you understand the exploration process and reach an agreement with an explorer.

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