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Community Information Session – Stavely Block 4

To provide locals with a better understanding of minerals exploration activities and how the sector is regulated, the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions is holding online community information sessions in November.

Event Details

Afternoon session

Date: Tuesday 24 November 2020
Time: 12.30pm-2pm

Evening session

Date: Wednesday 25 November 2020
Time: 7pm-8.30pm

Gippsland Prospecting Pty Ltd has been granted the fourth Minerals Exploration Licence from 2018’s Stavely Ground Release. The Victorian-based company will be searching for minerals in the area west of Ararat and Stawell (PDF - 13.3 MB) , but not including the Grampians National Park.

We encourage you to sign up for one of these 90-minute sessions to hear department representatives and Gippsland Prospecting Pty Ltd explain minerals exploration, outline landholder rights and discuss the obligations of exploration companies. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

During these sessions we will also present a support tool available to assist landholders in discussions with minerals explorers about potential land access. The land access consent tool templates can help both parties agree on access to private property, biosecurity protocols, managing any impacts on crops, and potential compensation.

This voluntary tool which can be tailored for specific needs and circumstances of landholders, has been developed in consultation with the Victorian Farmers Federation and the exploration industry.

If you need further information or believe that you might have difficulty accessing online sessions but would still like to be involved, please contact Donna Mongan, Senior Engagement Officer, on 0436 662 399.

Meetings for small groups may be offered to those unable to join these sessions and online refreshers given to agricultural practitioners on the department’s land access consent tool.

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Attracting new investment to western Victoria

Minerals exploration and development are important to Victoria’s economy, bringing investment and jobs to regional areas and communities. Over the past decade, about 26 per cent of Victoria has been under minerals exploration licences.

New geoscientific research indicates there is potential for discoveries of copper, gold and other metals to be made in western Victoria. The region has a long history of continuous exploration for minerals.

Through the Stavely Minerals Exploration Initiative, and the Stavely Ground Release tender, the department is encouraging minerals exploration and development in a way that is compatible with agriculture and supports the state’s economic, social and environmental objectives to benefit all Victorians.

Stavely Minerals Exploration Initiative

The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources has undertaken a comprehensive work program, known as the Stavely Minerals Exploration Initiative.

Activities undertaken as part of the initiative include:

  • Geoscience programs identifying areas with the most potential for mineral discoveries.
  • Consultation with regional community leaders about land uses and key environmental, water, cultural and other assets.
  • An assessment of existing legislation and land planning processes to confirm sensitive areas would be protected.
  • Making available areas suitable for minerals exploration to encourage the best exploration programs.
  • Identifying explorers who are committed to working closely with landholders and local communities from start to finish.

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Stavely Ground Release Tender

On 22 June 2018, the department released ground (11 blocks) for minerals exploration in an area known in geological terms as the Stavely Arc.

A competitive merit-based tender was held to encourage responsible minerals explorers with good work programs and a commitment to working with local communities and landholders to apply. The successful tenderers were then eligible to progress through the licensing process to obtain minerals exploration licences.

On 22 October 2018, the Victorian Government announced that the tenders of six companies had been successful and these companies would be allowed to apply for Minerals Exploration Licences. The successful companies were selected against pre-determined criteria assessed by an independent panel of experts.

As at 15 October 2020, licences have been granted for four blocks. The remaining blocks are currently progressing through Native Title “future acts” assessment. A “future act” is any activity in relation to Crown land that may affect any Native Title Act 1993 right and interest and includes a grant of a licence over Crown land. Together, the companies will share more than $2 million in TARGET minerals exploration grants and will likely spend more than 10 times this amount on their exploration programs.

A brief summary of each company, block location, proposed exploration program, and contact details are provided below:

Block Company name Map and company details Licence application number Date licensed
1 Westrock Minerals Pty Ltd EL006869 27 April 2020
3 Stavely Minerals Limited EL006870 Application under assessment
4 Gippsland Prospecting Pty Ltd EL006871 15 October 2020
9 Century Minerals Pty Ltd EL006872 Application under assessment
10 WIM Resource Pty Ltd EL006873 23 September 2019
11 P.S & G.F Forwood Pty Ltd EL006874 18 March 2019

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