Quarry Transformation Grants

Supporting a positive legacy for quarries

The Victorian Government is committed to supporting industry in planning for and implementing innovative end land uses for quarries that are beneficial to the local community.

  • investigating the feasibility of different legacy opportunities for quarries; and
  • developing innovative post-quarrying end land use  for quarries.

New grants to boost innovation

New grants will assist quarry operators by providing opportunities to develop and test ideas and options for repurposing the land after quarrying stops.

We are looking for quarry site rehabilitation ideas that go beyond the safe and stable and sustainable minimum requirements under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990.

Innovative ideas for quarry end land use may include projects and initiatives that:

  • provide ongoing local community access and critical local services (e.g. power generation, water management);
  • generate employment opportunities (e.g. residential construction);
  • have a direct and tangible positive impact on surrounding land and property values; and/or
  • improve the overall liveability of an area (e.g. open space/recreation).

Assessment of applications

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria, with each given a percentage weighting to indicate its relative importance in the assessment process.

Applications should address all relevant criteria.

Design proposal

Provide a proposal for innovative end land use for a quarry that clearly demonstrates a problem that could be solved by an innovative solution. Criteria weighting: 10%.

(Include findings from research/case study reviews of other completed projects).

Design innovation

Demonstrate how the proposal meets the definition of ‘innovative end land use for quarries’. Criteria weighting: 45%.

(Include examples/details of how new systems, materials, processes and/or technologies may be utilised in a unique and imaginative way).

Design Impact

Provide details of what inspired the proposal, including any visual, contextual, and cultural perspectives considered relevant to the location or community around the quarry. Criteria weighting: 10%.

(Include e.g., inspiration for design elements, shapes, structures, use of local endemic vegetation etc.)

Net Benefit

Outline how the proposal would result in a net benefit. Benefit may be to community, sustainability, and/or commercial benefit. Criteria weighting: 35%.

(Include details of any community consultation undertaken, proposed use of recycled materials and/or processes that demonstrate sustainability, and/or demonstrate the potential for a significant financial return on investment).

Submitting an application

Applications open 9am AEST 7 March 2022

Applications are submitted online using the Grants Online portal.

Applications must be submitted by 5pm AEST 14 April 2022.

Further information

Further information about Quarry Transformation Grants (also known as the Innovative Quarry End Land Use Grant Project) can be found within the Guidelines available for download below.

This project is being delivered with support from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

Page last updated: 20 Jun 2022