North Central Victorian Goldfields Ground Release

Man sorting soil samples in a field

Demand for minerals is increasing as they are key components for many everyday items including technology and renewable energy products.

Victoria’s gold potential

Geoscience programs have identified north central Victoria as having potential for new gold discoveries. The Geological Survey of Victoria estimates there may be up to 75 million oz of gold yet to be discovered in northern Victoria. That’s around as much gold as has been produced in Victoria over nearly 170 years. Unlike much of Victoria’s gold production to date, undiscovered gold will lie deeper beneath younger rock. More information is available in the report Gold Undercover.

New land available for minerals exploration

International interest in exploring the areas around Bendigo for gold has been sparked by the success of Victoria’s largest gold operation at Fosterville.

The North Central Victorian Goldfields Ground Release tender will encourage responsible minerals exploration to the east and northeast of Bendigo in an area with similar geology to Fosterville. The tender will commence later in 2019 and it follows the Stavely Ground Release in 2018.

Area maps

Georeferenced images

Coordinate system projection – GDA94 MGA Zone55

As information about the planned tender becomes available, it will be published on this website and included in our Minerals Update Newsletter.

Minerals exploration

Minerals exploration is very different to mining, though their activities are sometimes confused.

Minerals exploration is the first step in assessing whether gold and other metals are present. It may involve low impact activities such as geological mapping, rock sampling, ground and airborne surveys, soil sampling, and localised drilling to better understand the geology and mineral potential of an area.

Even if minerals are discovered during exploration, the chances of it leading to a modern mining operation are very low.  This is because few mineral discoveries are profitable to responsibly develop.

Exploring for minerals in Victoria

In Victoria, any proposal to develop a mine is subject to stringent regulatory and environmental controls and approvals processes.

To guide discussions between landowners and explorers about access to private property for minerals exploration, Earth Resources has produced a voluntary land access guide.

Communities in the region will be kept informed about the planned activities.

Page last updated: 18 Oct 2019