Supporting technical reports

The Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy provides a blueprint to progress mine rehabilitation planning and activities and achieve safe, stable and sustainable landforms that support the next land use.

This page provides links to access several of the technical reports prepared as part of the Latrobe Regional Rehabilitation Strategy and that have underpinned the development of the final Strategy.


Environmental Flow Recommendations Study - this study was undertaken by the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority to understand the minimum environmental flows requirements for the Latrobe system
LVRRS - Environmental Flow Recommendations Study (PDF, 9.5 MB)

Climate Change Projections - the purpose of this study was to understand potential changes to water availability as a result of climate change and long-term climate variability
LVRRS - Climate Change Projections (PDF, 983.9 KB)

Latrobe System Water Availability - report documents the assumptions, tools and methods used to estimate current water availability in the Latrobe System. It also projects water availability for a range of potential future climate and water use scenarios.
LVRRS - Latrobe System Water Availability Technical Report (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Page last updated: 26 Jun 2020