Extractive Resources Demand and Supply Study

Will Victoria have enough quarry materials to meet our future construction needs?

Extractive resources demand and supply studies are a key deliverable of the Helping Victoria Grow - Extractive Resources Strategy, which is overseen by the government-industry Extractives Strategy Taskforce (the Taskforce).

The findings and recommendations of these studies provide the evidence to support the protection of strategic resources for Victoria’s future by informing new policies and projects, such as the roll-out of Strategic Extractive Resource Areas (SERAs).

A demand and supply study was previously undertaken over the 2015-2050 period and another is planned for the 2021-2050 period. These studies are critical for determining whether there will be enough available raw materials to meet the forecast demand stemming from Victoria’s long term population growth and infrastructure program.

Gaining a robust understanding of the state’s extractives supply requires gathering individual work authority information. This is done directly through confidential industry surveys, and through examining work authority annual return data. To ensure confidentiality, data at the individual work authority level will be aggregated together with data from other work authorities before reports are publicly released.

Demand and Supply Study 2021-2050

A comprehensive demand and supply study for the period 2021-2050 is currently underway.  The Taskforce actively encourages all work authority holders to participate in the 2022 industry survey to ensure wide coverage across the smaller to large operators throughout the state. The survey is being led by a dedicated internal demand and supply project team (the project team).

All work authority holders should have received a letter from Earth Resources Regulation (ERR) in April 2022 about this initiative, requesting work authority holders to give their consent for ERR to confidentially share annual returns information with the project team.

It is a legal requirement under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 that ERR cannot share confidential data with others, unless the work authority holder has given consent to do so.

Participation in the survey requires two short and important steps:

  1. Work authority holders must first give their consent for ERR to confidentially share the annual return data with the project team in the Resources Branch, by completing the form sent by ERR.
  2. Once the consent form has been received by ERR, the project team will contact the work authority holder about the confidential survey and how to participate.


The indicative timelines for completing the 2022 demand and supply project are:

  • April – May 2022: Industry consent
  • May – June 2022: Industry survey
  • June – August 2022: Data analysis
  • September 2022: Report finalisation

Any questions may be directed to Richard Hancock, Manager Strategic Resources Planning at Resources Branch by email: richard.hancock@ecodev.vic.gov.au

Frequently asked questions

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All extractive industry work authority holders and applicants are encouraged by industry and government leaders to participate in the confidential survey.

The survey is being overseen by the joint industry-department Extractives Strategy Taskforce, comprising of representatives from the Construction Materials Processors Association, Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia, and various government departments.

The Resources Branch within DJPR is leading the study and managing consultants engaged to support components of the study.

This survey is a key action listed in the Extractive Resources Strategy. It will allow government to estimate potential imbalances between supply and demand over the coming years, and to ensure measures are in place to secure extractive resources for Victoria’s long-term needs.

This is a significant opportunity for you to inform government and private sector decisions to ensure the future viability of the extractives industry in Victoria.

The aims of the survey are to:

  • update the Victorian Government’s estimate of current and future extractive resources supply across Victoria from 2022 to 2050;
  • understand where resources are located, which helps to inform freight infrastructure planning and resource protection policies; and
  • understand production capacity across Victoria, to ensure that extractive materials can be brought to market when they are needed.

Participants will be able to undertake the survey by accessing a secure survey link to a survey platform or filling out a hard copy survey form. DJPR will arrange this with individual work authority holders ahead of participating in the survey.  If you have more than one work authority, the survey will need to be repeated for each work authority.

DJPR is also planning to undertake a limited number of face-to-face interviews with a selection of industry operators.

The survey should take up 30 minutes to complete per work authority if you have all the relevant information close at hand. Refer to data below to understand the information you will need.

The survey will collect information on:

  • Current work authority – rock type, extractives products, approved reserves, estimated total resources, production capacity.
  • Future plans – whether the current work plan will be varied, or if new work authorities are proposed by the company.

The data you provide in the survey will be held securely within DJPR in accordance with legislation and government policy. The data you provide through the survey or in face-to-face interviews will be used to inform the department about strategic protection of extractive resources in Victoria and effective ways to improve supply, and to plan fit-for-purpose freight networks.

The study is set up to protect individual business or quarry information from being identifiable in the reports for the study. In some cases where a specific quarry may potentially need to be referenced in a report, it may only occur with the written permission of the quarry operator for that purpose. The project team would contact the quarry operator separately about this first.

At the completion of the survey period, all information obtained from work authority holders will remain on a confidential and secure system within the Resources Branch. Data will be released only where individual businesses or operations are protected from identification.

A binding contractual requirement has been put in place between DJPR and its representatives to protect the confidentiality and security of the data provided by participants in the survey.

The consultants are required to ensure the data collected through the survey:

  • will be kept confidential
  • will not be used by the consultants or any third parties for any purpose other than to provide to DJPR at the conclusion of the survey, and
  • will not be copied or recorded other than for the purpose of providing the data to DJPR at the conclusion of the survey.

The survey period is expected to close by end of June 2022. DJPR will commence analysis of the data collected after the survey period is concluded.

Survey participants will be provided with an overview of survey’s broad findings. The survey will be an input into the comprehensive Extractive Resources Demand and Supply Study 2021-2050, which will be available on this demand and supply page when released.

For further information about the project, please contact Richard Hancock on 0436 661 529 or email richard.hancock@ecodev.vic.gov.au.

Next steps

This study provides a useful input into government's considerations about how the state's important extractive resources should be managed.


For further information please contact the Earth Resources Information Centre:

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