Investigations and offshore activities

The CarbonNet team has carried out multiple investigations and offshore activities to benchmark and validate the Pelican site and surrounding environment, including the ocean, marine life, earth and air.

Dec 2019-Jan 2020

Offshore appraisal well was drilled to obtain rock samples

July 2019

Geotechnical Survey

March 2019

Geophysical Survey

Feb-July 2018

Post-Marine Seismic Survey – Habitat Impact Assessment

  • February we surveyed for zooplankton
  • July we surveyed for finfish and rock lobster
  • August we surveyed for scallops

Feb 2018

High-resolution nearshore 3D seismic survey

Jan 2018

Pre- Marine Seismic Survey – Habitat Impact Assessment


The CO2CRC GipNet Research Initiative gathered benchmark data from the coastal and marine environments ahead of CCS deployment.

March-July 2012

Hydrocarbon Survey

Nov-Dec 2011

Airborne Gravity Survey

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