CarbonNet Community Reference Group

The CarbonNet Community Reference Group (CCRG) was established in 2019 and is chaired by Victoria’s Lead Scientist, Amanda Caples.

The CCRG plays an important role in forming a conversation with Gippsland communities. Members provide advice to the project team and help to facilitate effective two-way engagement with local communities and stakeholders in Gippsland.

The role of the CCRG includes:

  • Helping to identify key social and community values in Gippsland for CarbonNet to consider as the project progresses
  • Providing advice about potential issues that may affect local communities in relation to the project, and contributing ideas for solutions
  • Providing advice on future engagement activities that could be undertaken in Gippsland, including with key stakeholders and the general public.

The project team is excited to be working with Gippsland residents to help contribute to a positive future for the region.

Join the CCRG

The CCRG meets quarterly and is made up of locals with a passion for the region’s future and a desire to contribute to action on emissions reductions.

Expressions of interest were originally sought from across a broad spectrum of domains, including, but not limited to:

  • environment
  • agriculture
  • local business and industry
  • education
  • Local Government
  • general community.

If you are interested din joining the CCRG contact us on

Previous committee experience is not essential, however commitment, drive and the ability to participate in meetings are.

Meeting dates

The CCRG will meet on the following dates in 2021:

  • CRG07: 15 June 2021, Video conference
  • CRG08: 15  September 2021, TBA
  • CRG09: 09 December 2021, TBA

The CCRG has previously met on:

  • CRG01: 26 July 2019, Sale
  • CRG02: 03 October 2019, Morwell
  • CRG03: 28 January 2020, Sale
  • CRG04: 31 August 2020 via video conference
  • CRG05: 17 December 2020 via video conference
  • CRG06: 17 March 2021 via video conference

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