Why Gippsland

The offshore Gippsland Basin is recognised as a world-class location for CCS.

In 2009 the Carbon Storage Taskforce released its 'National Carbon Mapping and Infrastructure Plan – Australia (PDF 3,147 kB)' report. The report identified the offshore Gippsland Basin as containing the highest quality and largest capacity carbon dioxide (CO2) storage reservoirs out of 25 major geological basins across Australia.

Successful implementation of the CarbonNet project would be the starting point for a scalable commercial carbon transportation and storage system, enabling the establishment of new industries in the Latrobe Valley and a significant reduction in carbon emissions in Victoria.

The map shows the four Commonwealth greenhouse gas assessment permits which are currently held by the State of Victoria: VIC-GIP-001, VIC-GIP-002, VIC-GIP-003 and VIC-GIP-004.

Page last updated: 02 Jun 2021