Environment plans

The Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Regulations 2011 (the Regulations) require authority holders to submit an environment plan and for this plan to be accepted by the minister before any work under the authority can commence.

We publish environment plan submission details and summaries of accepted environment plans to keep stakeholders informed.

Environment plan submissions

Regulation 13 of the Regulations requires us to publish the following details of any environment plan that is submitted:

  • The name of the authority holder
  • A description of the activity or stage of the activity to which the environment plan relates
  • The location of the activity
  • Details of the titleholder's nominated contact for the activity
  • The decisions (if any) made by the Minister in relation to the Environment plan.

A list of currently submitted environment plans is below:

Authority holderDetails

Lattice Energy Limited


Activity and stage: Drilling Black Watch-1 Well
Location: Offshore Otway

Tim Flowers
Head of Environment
Beach Energy Limited
25 Conyngham Street
Glenside, SA 5065

Decision: Accepted
Date returned: 14/02/2019

GB Energy (VIC) Pty Ltd


Activity and stage: Geophysical and geological investigations
Location: Offshore Gippsland

Sean Dunn
Regulatory & HSE Manager
Level 1, 110 Church St
Hawthorn, Victoria 3122
Phone: 0419 560 597
Email: sd@gbenergy.com.au

Decision: Titleholder to modify
Date returned: 11/01/2019
Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd
  • VIC/PL1(V)
  • VIC/PL2(V)
  • VIC/PL4(V)
  • VIC/PL5(V)
  • VIC/PL13(V)
  • VIC/PL21(V)
  • VIC/PL32(V)
Activity and stage: Bass Strait Waters Environment Plan
Location: Offshore Gippsland
Kimberley Hribar
Esso Australia Pty Ltd
Risk, Environment and Regulatory Supervisor
Phone: (03) 9270 3059
Email: kimberley.n.hribar@exxonmobil.com
Decision: Accepted
Date submitted: 29/11/2018

Environment plan summaries

Regulation 13E of the Regulations requires environment plan summaries to contain the following material from the accepted environment plan:

  • the location of the activity
  • a description of the receiving environment
  • a description of the activity
  • details of environmental impacts and risks
  • a summary of the control measures for the activity
  • a summary of arrangements for ongoing monitoring of the authority holder's environmental performance
  • a summary of environmental emergency response arrangements
  • details of consultation already undertaken and plans for ongoing consultation
  • details of the authority holder's nominated contact for the activity.

Summaries of accepted environment plans are available below.

GB Energy - Golden Beach Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigations

Cooper Energy Sole Pipeline – Operations

Cooper Energy Patricia-Baleen Pipeline – Operations

Lattice Energy Thylacine Pipeline – Continued operations

Cooper Energy Casino Henry Netherby Pipeline – Continued operations

The CarbonNet Project: Pelican 3D Marine seismic survey

Origin Enterprise II: 3D Transition zone seismic survey

Origin Enterprise I: Seismic survey

Esso Bass Strait

BHP Billiton Minerva Operations

Tasmanian Gas

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