Notice of Application for a Retention Licence (RL007086)

Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 – Section 15(5)
Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Regulations 2019 – Regulation 22(1) and Schedule 1

1. Name and address of applicant(s):

Basin Minerals Holdings Pty Ltd
GPO Box U1988
Perth WA 6845

2. Contact details of applicant for map and other information requests:

Telephone No: David Sleigh, Manager Geological Services - (08) 93604765 or Community Line 1800 305993.

3. Applicant’s website
Further information about this application is available at the following website:

4. Details of the application:

Application Number: RL007086

Locality of the land to which the application relates:
Approximately 13km east of the town of Ouyen and 2km west of the township of Wagant in north-western Victoria.

Approximate area of application: 403.8 ha

Date of the application: 21 May 2021

Outline of the proposed program of work:
RL007086 hosts a heavy mineral sands resource. Staged work over the course of the proposed 10 year term includes a range of activities designed to enable prefeasibility and definitive feasibility studies to be completed. These may involve, but are not limited to:

  • designing and enacting a community engagement plan;
  • geological drilling and sampling for purposes of mineral analysis and more detailed resource modelling and resource estimation;
  • geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations;
  • License to Operate activities including the preparation of an Environment Effects Statement (EES) outlining the potential environmental impacts of the project. The EES requires a number of studies including, but not limited to, biodiversity and habitat, water catchment and hydrology, visual and environmental amenity, social impact and cultural heritage surveys;
  • feasibility studies, including mining and process optimisation and engineering design; and
  • economic viability assessment.

Appropriate approvals for field work will be sought from Earth Resources Regulation prior to work commencing and will include detailed rehabilitation plans, monitoring and auditing.
Throughout the project planning process, the company will consult with relevant land holders and the broader community and provide information on planned field activities and allow opportunities for feedback to be considered in the planning and implementation process.

Term applied for: 10 years.

5. Objections or Comments:

Any person may object or comment to a licence being granted by:
(a) putting the objection or comment in writing; and
(b) including the grounds on which it is made.

Objections or comments must be lodged within 21 days after the latest date on which the application was advertised and can be lodged online or posted to:

The Minister for Resources,
c/- Manager Licensing, Earth Resources Regulation,
GPO Box 4509,

It is recommended that objections or comments are lodged online to ensure timely consideration:

Enquiries can be made by writing to the Manager Licensing at the above address or by phoning the Earth Resources Information Centre on
1300 366 356.

6. Other Statutory Requirements:

(a) Subject to other statutory requirements being satisfied, a retention licence, if granted, entitles the holder of the licence to retain rights to a mineral resource, and explore and carry out other work to establish the economic viability of mining, but does not entitle the holder to undertake mining.

(b) Further information regarding the statutory requirements that must be complied with prior to work being undertaken on a licence, including landowner and occupier consent requirements, is available on the department's Community and Land Use page.

Map highlighting the retention licence application area

Map of the license application area for RL007086

Page last updated: 09 Jun 2021