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Minerals exploration and mining with the appropriate approvals, is permitted across Victoria. The Crown owns all minerals.

Earth Resources Regulation is the regulator of exploration, mining, quarrying, petroleum, recreational prospecting and other earth resources activities in Victoria. The regulator assesses, approves and regulates licences, in line with the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990.

For exploration licences, more than 20 different pieces of legislation provide safeguards for the environment, land and water as a part of the licence application process. Exploration licences are awarded for up to five years with the option to extend. If exploration activities determine a commercially viable mineral deposit, the next step is an application for a mining licence.

It takes many years, even decades to process a mining application, which is subject to strict regulatory approval processes, involving environmental assessments and local stakeholder engagement.

Once an application is accepted for assessment an applicant has 14 days to advertise the application and call for public comment, in accordance with the Advertising Guideline. The advertisement must contain information about the proposed work, along with details on how members of the public can comment on the application. This information should also be available on the individual’s or entity’s website.

More information for community and landowners about exploration and mining is available in the Community and Land Use section of our website.

Public input is central to how Earth Resources Regulation administers licence applications under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990.  The Regulator may apply special conditions to licences based on issues identified through the objection process.

We invite public comment on mining, exploration, retention and prospecting licence applications. Please refer to the  list of applications below. These licences are open for public comment now.

GeoVic is also available to help build your own earth resource related maps, search for minerals licences and access data, using a huge range of sources.

Licence Applications open for feedback

Application number

Licence type

Company Name


Submissions close

EL008084 Exploration Licence Falcon Gold Resources Pty Ltd 15km southeast of Maryborough, 10km northwest of Campbelltown, incl Mount Cameron, Cotswold and Moolort 15 February 2023
EL008108Exploration LicenceJamieson Minerals Pty LtdApproximately 3 km south of Koetong extending to the south to approximately 5 km northeast of Tallagatta Valley and 4.5 km west of Lucyvale in North Eastern Victoria15 February 2023
EL008109Exploration LicenceJamieson Minerals Pty LtdExtending to the west from approximately 3 km east of Tallangatta to approximately 1.5 km west of Kiewa and northwards to 4 km east of Baranduda in North Eastern Victoria15 February 2023
EL008110Exploration LicenceJamieson Minerals Pty LtdCentred on Bucheen Creek and extending to 2 km north of Henlow and east to Cravensville in North Eastern Victoria15 February 2023
EL008117Exploration LicenceNorth Central Gold Exploration14km south of Watchem, 9km west of Donald, including Litchfield15 February 2023
EL008107Exploration LicenceJamieson Minerals Pty LtdApproximately 6 km east of Koetong extending to the east to approximately 8 km west of Kudgewa in North Eastern Victoria15 February 2023

Provide feedback on a licence application

Any person may object or comment on a licence being granted. (Section 24 and 24A, Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990).

A person who objects or comments must:

  1. put the objection or comments in writing; and
  2. include the grounds on which it is made.

All objections or comments must be lodged within 21 days after the latest date on which the application was advertised. Objections or comments can be lodged online or posted to:

The Minister for Resources
c/ - Manager Licensing
Earth Resources Regulation
GPO Box 4509
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Enquiries can be made by writing to the Manager Licensing at the above address or by phoning the Earth Resources Information Centre on 1300 366 356.

Extractive Industries applications

Public input into extractive industries (i.e. quarrying) applications is conducted via the planning permit process.  Applications can normally be located via ‘Planning Application at Advertising’ webpages on Council websites.

Page last updated: 25 Jan 2023