Have your say on new minerals licence applications

People discussing a minerals licence application

An applicant for a licence must advertise that the application is open for public comment in accordance with the Advertising Guideline. The advertisement contains information about the proposed work, along with details on how members of the public can comment on the application. This information should also be available on the individual’s or entity’ website.

Public input is central to how Earth Resources Regulation administers licence applications under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990.  We invite public comment on mining, exploration, retention and prospecting licence applications and maintain a list of applications that are currently open for public comment.

GeoVic is also available to help build your own earth resource related maps, search for minerals licences and access data, using a huge range of sources.

Licence Applications open for submissions

Application number

Licence type

Company Name


Submissions close

EL007620Exploration LicenceEastern Victoria Gold Exploration Pty Ltd8km east of Yea and 8km west of Alexandra in north-eastern Victoria30 June 2021
EL007628Exploration LicenceStavely Minerals Limitedapproximately 10 km north northwest of Glenthompson and 25 km west of Willaura in South Western Victoria23 June 2021
EL007629Exploration LicenceIronbark Mining Pty LtdEast of Wedderburn30 June 2021
EL007630Exploration LicenceKerang Gypsum Supplies Pty LtdApprox. 47km north west of Swan Hill, 9km north east of Chinkapook7 July 2021
RL007086Retention LicenceBasin Minerals Holdings Pty LtdApproximately 13km east of the town of Ouyen and 2km west of the township of Wagant in north-western Victoria.24 June 2021
RL007089Retention LicenceBasin Minerals Holdings Pty LtdApproximately16km south-east of the town of Ouyen and 6km west of the township of Mittyack in north-western Victoria.1 July 2021

Public commenting

Any person may object or comment on a licence being granted. (Section 24 and 24A, Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990).

A person who objects or comments must:

  1. put the objection or comments in writing; and
  2. include the grounds on which it is made.

All objections or comments must be lodged within 21 days after the latest date on which the application was advertised.  Objections or comments can be lodged online or posted to:

The Minister for Resources
c/ - Manager Licensing
Earth Resources Regulation
GPO Box 4509
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Enquiries can be made by writing to the Manager Licensing at the above address or by phoning the Earth Resources Information Centre on 1300 366 356.

Extractive Industries applications

Public input into extractive industries (i.e. quarrying) applications is conducted via the planning permit process.  Applications can normally be located via ‘Planning Application at Advertising’ webpages on Council websites.

Page last updated: 17 Jun 2021