Licensing & approvals

Temporary hold on processing applications in bushfire affected areas

Earth Resources Regulation has resumed processing applications for new licences in Victoria’s high country now that bushfire conditions have eased and main roads, postal services and local newspapers are again operational.

A temporary hold on processing applications for new licences in East Gippsland’s coastal areas remains in place, pending further consideration of the impact of the fires on local residents’ opportunity to participate in licensing matters.

Applications to renew or amend existing licences will be considered on a case by case basis in all areas, taking account of the bushfire situation in local communities and importance for the licensee’s immediate operations and employees.

It’s important that applicants and communities impacted by the Victorian bushfires have an opportunity to engage in the licensing process, including a fair opportunity for local landholders and community members to consider and respond to statutory required newspaper advertisements or notices.

While fire conditions have eased, many local people are continuing to focus on volunteering to contain fires, remaining alert to advice to protect their safety or starting their recovery efforts.

Earth Resources Regulation will continue to closely monitor the bushfire situation and resume processing all new licence applications as soon it is confident that people from bushfire impacted communities are able to participate in the process.

Quarrying, minerals exploration and mining activities are tightly controlled. This is to ensure an efficient and sustainable use of our natural resources while ensuring the community and environment are safeguarded. Learn about the type of licence you need, how to apply for them and your obligations as an explorer, miner or producer.

Manage your licence

You can submit and manage most licence or work authority applications online using our Resource Rights Allocation and Management (RRAM) portal.

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Recreational fossicking

Find out where to look for gold and gemstones in Victoria and how to buy a fossicking (prospecting) licence.

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Location of mining and petroleum licences

Tools to help you locate mining and petroleum licences and associated information in Victoria.

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Mineral licences

In Victoria, you need a licence for minerals exploration and mining. Find out about the different types of licences and how to apply.

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Extractives industry work authority

In the extractive or quarry industry, a licence is known as a work authority. You need a work authority before starting works at a quarry.

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Oil and gas permits, leases and licences

Oil and gas permits, are only offered through a State Government Tender process. Any upcoming tenders will be announced on this website.

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Geothermal energy licence

In Victoria, you need a licence for geothermal exploration and extraction. Permits are only offered through a State Government Tender process.

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Licensing disputes, objections and comments

A landholder may object to or comments about a minerals exploration or mining licence application before it's approved.

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Council planning referrals

Planning application referrals are submitted to us where the applications relate to mineral and stone extraction operations.

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Licensing glossary

A glossary of terms used in the Victorian resource sector.

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