Victorian Mining Register

Section 69 of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 (MRSDA) requires a mining register to be established and maintained for public information purposes.

This register includes documents relevant to:

  • mineral exploration, retention, mining and prospecting licences
  • extractive industry work authorities.

Information about documents registered on the mining register (e.g. licence grants, variations, transfers and cancellations, approved work plans, rehabilitation bond details) is publicly available via our online mapping tool, GeoVic, and Resources Licences Near Me.

Access information on GeoVic

  1. Log in using your username and password or, if you’re not registered, use GeoVic anonymously.
  2. Navigate to the licence or authority number you’re looking for (e.g. MIN****, WA****, PEP***). Use Quick Search to find the correct licence number, including by location or name of licence/authority holder.
    Screenshot of the Quick Search function in the top right of GeoVic
  3. Select the number, then select the ‘Tabular View’ button.
    Screenshot of GeoVic highlighting the Tabular View icon
  4. In the drop-down menu of the Tabular View menu, select Option 6 - "Registrations"
    Screenshot of GeoVic showing the dropdown menu from the tabular view

Request a copy of a registered document

Under section 74 of the MRSDA, if a member of the public wants more than the summary information available for free via GeoVic, they may obtain a copy of the registered document by emailing a written request to Earth Resources Regulation at and paying the prescribed fee per document requested.

Please note:

  • Registered documents relating to extractive industry work authorities are limited to rehabilitation bonds and work plans approved from 1 January 2010, and grants and work plan variations from 1 November 2014.
  • If the request relates to a document unavailable via GeoVic (e.g. copy of a work plan approved before 1 January 2010), Earth Resources Regulation recommends contacting the licence or authority holder to request a copy.
  • For up-to-date information about the rehabilitation bonds held by the State against licences and work authorities, refer to our rehabilitation bonds interactive dashboard.
  • Earth Resources Regulation cannot disclose any commercial-in-confidence or sensitive information by law. Such information will be redacted from the copy of the document requested.
  • Should the enquiry relate to a document not on the mining register, a freedom of information (FOI) request may be made to obtain a copy.

Page last updated: 09 Mar 2023