Implementation plan

Excavators at a quarry.

The Getting the Groundwork Right: Implementation Plan outlines how the government will implement the recommendations in the Commissioner for Better Regulation’s Report on the better regulation of mines and quarries.

We’re building a better regulator at a key time for the state. Demand for core building materials is at an all-time high, owing to Victoria’s population growth and the scale of building work underway across the state.

Victoria’s minerals sector is also experiencing growth with a renaissance for gold mining delivering more opportunities for extending and creating new mines and jobs in regional Victoria.

It is critical that we get the regulation of mines and quarries right. A modern, proportionate and robust regulatory system contributes to industry certainty and underpins community confidence. This implementation plan shows how we will deliver that.

To support the Implementation Plan, the Victorian Budget 2018/19 includes $12.7 million for earth resources regulation. The funding will deliver a program of work that will simplify regulatory procedures and provide for an upgraded online application system.

The Budget includes a further $3 million over 2 years to extend work underway to secure extractive resource areas of strategic importance for the construction of public infrastructure, affordable housing and private sector developments.

This work includes geoscience investigations, land use planning and community engagement in partnership with local councils.

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Page last updated: 06 Feb 2020