Exploration reporting guidelines

This page contains information for exploration, retention and mining licence holders when reporting on exploration activities according to the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990.

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These guidelines detail the requirements of the technical report and provide additional prescription for digital data above that detailed in the "Australian Requirements for the Submission of Digital Exploration Data (for example, with respect to combined reporting)".

The national standards are developed by the Government Geoscience Information Policy Advisory Committee (GGIPAC) on instructions of the Chief Government Geologists' Committee in consultation with industry.

Hardcopy reports are to continue to be submitted until further notice.

Summary of reporting requirements

Technical report of exploration – Annual and final (Regulation 57)

  1. The technical report presents the technical results and geological interpretation of exploration during the reporting period. The report should include data and any consultant or laboratory reports as appendices. Section 2 of the guidelines presents the requirements for the technical report.
  2. A technical report is required for all exploration, retention licences and for mining licences of more than 5 hectares where exploration expenditure has been claimed (including office studies).
  3. A technical report must be submitted within 28 days after the annual reporting date of the licence AND within 28 days after the licence has ceased to exist (expired, surrendered, cancelled or not renewed).
  4. A technical report may cover more than one licence belonging to a licensee if together the licences make a discrete exploration project and boundaries are adjoining. (Updated Regulation 57(2)). The licences must also have the same reporting date.
  5. Partial relinquishment reports are required as areas are relinquished. These reports will provide details of all the work conducted within the relinquished area, from the grant of the title to the time of relinquishment.
  6. If the technical report is a final report, that is, prepared after the licence has ceased to exist, it should cover all the work done since the last report. If the licence has been joint reported the final report should be a summary of the all the work done over the life of the licence and include the reason the licence was allowed to expire or is being surrendered. It must include any previously unsubmitted data.
  7. Submit your technical report in hard copy (only 1 copy required, simple ring bounding) and as a digital .pdf document (with exploration data in tab delimited ASCII format).
  8. To help you comply with reporting requirements and improve efficiency a checklist has been appended to the guidelines for you to complete when you are about to submit your report (see Appendix 2).

Annual expenditure and activities return (Regulations 54-56)

  1. The expenditure and activities return lists the expenditure for the reporting year against a summary of operations. Complete this in the manner of the example in the guidelines (Section 3).
  2. An expenditure and activities return must be submitted within 28 days after the annual reporting date of the licence.
  3. One expenditure and activity return per licence must be submitted.
  4. The return includes a column for details of the data appended to the technical report to enable efficient data capture and release to open file when appropriate.

Lodgement of expenditure and activities return

Your expenditure and activity return is to be lodged via the Resource Rights Allocation Management electronic system (RRAM). If you need assistance with your username and password please contact rram.support@ecodev.vic.gov.au.

Reporting date

  1. The reporting date for exploration licences and retention licences may be one of the following dates as selected on the licence application form:
    • 31 March
    • 30 June
    • 30 September
    • 31 December.
    The reporting date is shown on the licence document.

    The reporting date for mining licences and prospecting licences is 30 June.

Lodgement of technical reports

Hand delivery address

Earth Resources Information Centre
Geological Survey of Victoria
Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
Level 15
1 Spring St
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Postal address

Mineral Tenements
Geological Survey of Victoria
Earth Resources Economic Development Branch
Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
GPO Box 4509
Melbourne VIC 3001

Electronic text and data submission

  1. Licence holders are requested to provide a digital copy of the technical report if not submitted via RRAM (as separate pdf documents), on USB flash drive/CD/DVD or by email, AND a bound copy of the technical report in accordance with these guidelines.

    All digital data will become available for future public release according to legislation. Software can be downloaded from the link below to aid in the preparation of digital data for submission.

Mining exploration reports on mining tenements (MRT) process

  1. Licensee downloads the MRT software from the departmental website onto their PC
  2. Licensee enters raw exploration data into spreadsheets (or tab-delimited data files)
  3. Licensee uses the MRT Software to
    • record information (metadata) about the exploration project and about their data
    • generate tab-delimited data files in the format expected by the department
    • generate a list of ALL the files that go to make up the report
  4. Licensee sends the report files, the generated tab-delimited data files and the list of files to the department

MRT software download

Please note: The MRT software will need to be unzipped after downloading to your computer.

This application requires .net 4 to run, please note if there is no .net 4 framework installed on your computer, the setup will download it from the internet and may take some time to finish the setup.

Page last updated: 31 Mar 2021