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Digital terrain model

A map of Victoria showing heights above sea-level of the state's terrain. The terrain is the generally highest to the north east of Melbourne.

Isostatic gravity

Map of Victoria showing isostatic levels throughout the state which are generally high.

Total magnetic Intensity

Map of Victoria showing magnetic intensity levels throughout the state. It is generally highest near Horsham, Swan Hill, Echuca, Sale and Bairnsdale.

Structural zones

Map of Victoria showing various structural zones. These zones include: Grampians - Stavely zone, Glenelg zone, Stawell zone, Bendigo zone, Melbourne zone, Selwyn Block, Bass zone, Tabberabbera zone, Omeo zone, Deddick zone, Kuark zone and Malacoota zone.

Geological fairways

Map of Victoria showing areas of the state that have geological significance. These areas include: Kanmantoo-Strathalbyn SEDEX, Delamerian Ultramatics, Stavely Arc, Stawell-style Orogenic Gold, Bendigo-style Orogenic Gold, Selwyn Block, Wagga-Oremo Zone, Macquarie Arc Base Metals, Macquarie Arc Derivatives, and Devonian Magmatic-hydrothermal metals.

Mineral occurrences

Map of Victoria showing mineral occurrences. They occur throughout the entire state but are noticebly clustered around Stawell, Ballarat, Bendigo, Wodonga and near Benambra.

Seamless geology

A map of Victoria showing a seamless geological interpretation of the state's surface geology.


Map of Victoria showing major road and rail lines and the location of the state's major ports.

Gippsland Basin oil and gas fields

Map of the Gippsland Basin showing the offshore locations of the various oil fields, gas fields and oil/gas pipelines.

Otway Basin oil and gas fields

Map of the Otway Basin showing the location of gas fields and onshore and offshore oil fields.

Geothermal heat flow

Map of Victoria showing geothermal heat flow areas around the state. The highest heat flow areas are around Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton and Mildura. The lowest heat flow areas tend to be in the far west of the State and along the coast.


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