3D visualisation facility

The Geological Survey of Victoria operates three-dimensional (3D) visualisation facilities in Melbourne and Warrnambool. The facilities are used to both showcase and build 3D geological models.

3D modelling allows the targeting of potential resources, identification of resources in resource management planning and the identification of new prospective areas.

Companies are encouraged to bring their data/3D models into the facility in order to visualise them alongside the government’s regional scale 3D models. In doing so, a broader understanding of the geological context of the area of interest can be achieved.

Why 3D?

3D geological model visualisation provides an excellent tool to investigate, analyse and test understanding of geological structures and the processes which occur within them.

Earth insights are provided through a wide range of applications, including, but not limited to:

  • groundwater aquifer systems
  • understanding fluid migration pathways
  • fluid flow modelling
  • volume estimation
  • mass transport modelling in and around ore systems
  • heat flow modelling for geothermal energy exploration targets



Companies interested in arranging a visit to the 3D facility in Melbourne should contact the Director, Geological Survey of Victoria during business hours on (03) 9452 8906. Note that while the facility can accommodate up to 20 people, smaller groups of up to 10 are preferred.


The Geological Survey of Victoria has a South West Regional Office in Warrnambool. The office is part of the Victorian Gas Program and is staffed with geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers and community engagement specialists. A special feature of the office is a dedicated theatrette for viewing 3D geological models of the state. The theatrette is used to engage with local communities about the scientific studies into natural gas that are being undertaken in the Otway geological basin, which covers a large portion of south west Victoria.

Geological Survey of Victoria South West Regional Office
Building C
Deakin University, Warrnambool
Phone: (03) 4505 0308

Page last updated: 02 Jun 2021