3D geological modelling

Growth and exploration in the earth resources sector is based on the availability of quality, pre-competitive geoscience data.

Our 3D geological model of Victoria is a view of the full thickness of the earth's crust across the entire state. It is designed to provide explorers and resource managers with a world class 3D geological dataset of Victoria.

Scientists use 3D geological modelling to better understand complex datasets and develop management frameworks for the state's mineral, energy and groundwater resources. Our 3D model is the result of a major period of geological data acquisition and interpretation in Victoria.

The model can predict the location of undiscovered earth resources and analyse the potential of existing resources. For instance, the Stavely Arc discovery has revealed prospectivity for copper, gold and other metals.

Seamless Geology, one of the Geological Survey of Victoria's major initiatives, contributed to the 3D model.

It is based on world class surface geological mapping, supported by:

  • comprehensive, regional scale airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys
  • ground gravity surveys
  • two new regional seismic surveys in central and western Victoria
  • extensive seismic survey coverage in the younger basins.

What does the 3D geological model of Victoria show?

All the objects below are accessible via the 'Model Tree':


  • Intrusions – grouped by structural zones. Only the large intrusions are included within this model.
  • Faults – major faults from all zones.
  • Stratigraphy – stratigraphic horizons from all zones.
  • Sedimentary basins – surface representing the base of the Murray, Otway and Gippsland basins.
  • Primary commodities – location of known mineral occurrences and deposits.


  • Victorian border and structural zone outlines.


  • Topographic and moho surface.

Key 3D regional models

In addition to the statewide model, individual 3D geological models are available for the following key regions:

Get more detailed maps and data

Download the 3D Geological Model of Victoria plus individual 3D geological models and 3D Victoria Reports.

For further information and case studies, download the 3D Victoria Final Report.

Page last updated: 02 Jun 2021