Maps, reports and data

The Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV) produces a wide range of geological maps, reports and data.


GeoVic is a free mapping tool which allows you to search geospatial databases and to display the results as maps or tables.

Geoscience catalogue and publications

Browse an extensive range of Earth Resources publications, formerly called the Online Store, which contains geological maps (inc. goldfields maps), digital data, reports (inc. gas and gold undercover), magazines and fact sheets.

The Geological Survey of Victoria has produced thousands of publications over its long history. Access the entire Geological Survey of Victoria catalogue (formerly called the Search Assistant).

Resource Licences near me

View resource licences across Victoria via our Resource Licences near me tool. Simply enter an address or click on the map to find licences or permits in any part of the state.

Geoscientific data

We study, examine and collect data from across the state. Our datasets assist in earth resources exploration and help explorers target areas with minerals potential.

Visit our facilities

Drill Core Library

Our Drill Core Library houses cuttings and core from petroleum wells, mineral, coal and infrastructure drilling and groundwater bores from across Victoria.

3D visualisation facility

We have two three-dimensional (3D) visualisation facilities in Melbourne and Warrnambool. The facilities are used to both showcase and build 3D geological models.

Page last updated: 13 Jul 2022