Oil and gas acreage releases


To support the 2018 Victorian Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release in the Otway Basin, the Geological Survey of Victoria has created key datasets from its existing project information.

In addition, the Otway Basin airborne gravity survey is now processing the data acquired over the onshore and offshore basin components, with field images of Fourier Derived Vertical Gravity, Fourier Derived Vertical Gravity Gradient and Total Magnetic Intensity available.

Seismic data with consistent header information suitable for bulk loading into interpretation packages is available in SEGY format or in Kingdom (2017) project format.

Well header information, including location, deviation, formation tops, and where available, time to depth relationships from checkshots, are included in the Kingdom project or a format suitable for bulk loading into an interpretation package.

This information can be requested from vgp@ecodev.vic.gov.au.

Open file wireline log data, petroleum well reports and other published petroleum data packages are available from Earth Resources publications.

2018 Victorian Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release – Otway Basin

In 2018, the Victorian Government invited applications for five petroleum acreage release areas 18-1(v), 18-2(v), 18-3(v), 18-4(v) and 18-5(v), within State Coastal Waters in the Otway Basin (Figure 1). These five offshore acreage release areas cover 1318 km2 and are located between Port Campbell and the South Australian border.

Location of the acreage release areas

Map of Victoria showing the location of the 2018 offshore petroleum acreage release. They are located along the coast alongside Portland, Port fairy and Warrnambool.

The five petroleum release areas are all underexplored with limited seismic acquisition and no previous exploration drilling. 18-4(v) and 18-5(v) are adjacent to existing producing gas fields in the Shipwreck Trough. This acreage is within the proven Austral 2 petroleum system and could provide exploration opportunities similar to the Halladale and Speculant gas fields, brought into production in 2016.

Applications for the five blocks are via work program bidding.

Applications closed on 15 February 2019 and are currently being assessed by the Earth Resources Regulator.

View recent Otway Basin acreage release results.

Airborne gravity survey

The Geological Survey of Victoria commenced an airborne gravity survey of approximately 16,000 square kilometres of the Otway Basin in August 2018. The survey includes both offshore and onshore components. The data will be available in the first half of 2019.

Invitation to tender


Potential tenderers should register on Tenders Vic.

Answers to any tender questions will be published on Tenders Vic.

Application must be lodged electronically through Tenders Vic.

Previous acreage releases


For further information, email vgp@ecodev.vic.gov.au.

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