Effective site rehabilitation following mining and quarrying operations protects people, land, infrastructure and the environment.

From initial exploration activities through to operations and eventual site closure, it is important to consider how mines and quarries can be returned to a safe, stable and sustainable landforms.

In mid-2018, Earth Resources Regulation self-initiated a review to assess and improve how we regulate mine and quarry rehabilitation.

In August 2020 the Victorian Auditor’s General’s Office released their independent Rehabilitating Mines Audit, which examines Earth Resources Regulation’s management of mine and quarry site rehabilitation and the Department of Jobs, Precinct’s and Region’s working relations and responsibilities alongside other agencies in the management of rehabilitation.

Learn more about the steps we are taking to improve site rehabilitation outcomes for the State as a result of these two pieces of work.

The obligations of mine and quarry operators extend beyond the life of their licences. Before work starts a licence holder must provide a financial security in the form of a Rehabilitation Bond to ensure work can continue even if they were to default on their obligations.

In February 2020 the Regulatory Practice Strategy for the Rehabilitation of Earth Resources Sites (PDF - 2.1 MB) was released. It aims to help mine and quarry operators across the State plan and rehabilitate sites over their full life cycle. In November 2020, we released the Regulatory Practice Strategy for the Rehabilitation of Earth Resources Sites Addendum (PDF - 216.4 KB) (WORD - 64.5 KB) . The Addendum reaffirms Earth Resources Regulation’s commitment to the strategic goals and objectives outlined in the February Regulatory Practice Strategy, while also detailing additional actions we will take over the next two years to improve rehabilitation outcomes.

The progress we have made so far in implementing the Regulatory Practice Strategy is outlined in the Regulatory Practice Strategy for the Rehabilitation of Earth Resources Sites Progress Report (PDF - 750.2 KB) (WORD - 60.5 KB) . We are committed to providing regular updates on our progress against the Regulatory Practice Strategy and the Addendum.

The Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy (LVRSS) was released on the 26 June 2020. The strategy supports rehabilitation planning and decision‑making for the Latrobe Valley’s three brown coal mines and is a response to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry recommendations.

The LVRRS will be overseen by the Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority, which will advise the Minister for Resources about mine rehabilitation. The authority replaced the Latrobe Valley Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner from 30 June 2020.

Register of rehabilitation bonds held by the State

The interactive dashboard displays the total number of bonds and the bond dollar value currently held by the State.  The data will be updated daily as part of the regulator’s commitment to transparent reporting.

Detailed information on individual tenements are available online via the department’s GeoVic website.


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