Tailings storage facility

The previous mining operations at Benambra included a Tailings Storage Facility (TSF). The department rehabilitated the TSF site after the previous licensee defaulted on its obligations.

The Government and WHSP Stockman Pty Ltd (Round Oak Minerals) established an agreement for the management of an enlarged tailings storage site for the proposed Stockman project. The agreement includes provision for the post-closure monitoring and maintenance of the site.

Read more about the post-closure agreement.

Surface water sampling

Regular testing of surface water quality has been conducted upstream and downstream of the TSF.

The raw data sheet sampling results are available below:

The graph results can be found on the Benambra page.

Future plans

WHSP Stockman intend to use and expand the existing TSF as part of the recommencement of mining operations, in line with the former Minister for Planning's Ministerial Assessment of the 2014 Environment Effects Statement (PDF) relating to the Stockman Project.

WHSP Stockman will be required to monitor and maintain the TSF in accordance with the relevant Australian National Committee on Large Dam (ANCOLD) standards. This requirement has been included in the approved work plan.

An Independent Technical Reviewer (ITR) panel is required to provide advice on the project, as recommended in the former Minister's Assessment of the EES.

Page last updated: 16 Aug 2023