Fosterville Gold Mine

Fosterville Gold Mine

The Fosterville Goldmine located 20 km east of Bendigo commenced operation in 2005. The underground and open cut mine is operated by Kirkland Lake Gold.

Matters of community interest

Earth Resources Regulation has received enquiries from local community members about noise, seismic events, expansion and zoning, related to the Fosterville Gold Mine.

We are meeting regularly with co-regulators, the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and City of Greater Bendigo, to discuss and address community concerns. We are also in regular communication with the mine.

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Low frequency noise is typically reported as a low-level humming noise (like the background noise of a plane flying by but constant).

EPA investigated the presence of low frequency noise in some residences adjacent the Fosterville Gold Mine. The results have now been shared with nearby residents and the mine.

EPA issued two remedial notices requiring further targeted investigation into the source of the noise and action to stop noise being emitted beyond the mine site. They also required Fosterville Gold Mine to cease operating its surface drill rigs in the southern part of the mine during the hours of 10.00pm to 07:00am each day.

EPA is continuing to work through the matter to ensure the protection of the community from any adverse noise coming from the mining activities.

An induced seismicity event related to mining is often described as an earth vibration or movement caused by underground mining activities, which can occur either during blasting or after the removal of rock. Vibration and movement felt by residents beyond a mine’s boundaries is a key focus for Earth Resources Regulation.

Fosterville Gold Mine has been conducting its underground mining activities within the legislative requirements.

Earth Resources Regulation is currently working with the mine operator to investigate seismicity and ways to further minimise it around the Fosterville mine.

Fosterville is proposing to expand their operations to the north and south of the current site. The expansion is anticipated to extend the life of the mine by a minimum of 10 years.  You can learn more about the proposal and register for updates in their virtual consultation room.

The Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) has determined that Fosterville must undertake an Environmental Effects Statement before an application for expansion can be considered.

An Environmental Effects Statement is an assessment of the potential impacts or effects of a proposed project or development. Community consultation forms part of an Environmental Effects Statement process.

DELWP manages the Environmental Effects Statement process. For more information about the Environmental Effects Statement visit:

Before any expansion can take place, Fosterville must also seek appropriate approvals including a Work Plan under the Minerals Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 via Earth Resources Regulation.

Earth Resource Regulation regulates activities on earth resources sites, in accordance with an approved work plan.

The City of Greater Bendigo manages zoning matters relevant to different types of land use, including mining.

Any public inquiries about property management and purchase of houses by a mine operator should be discussed with the operator directly.

Earth Resource Regulation is the principal regulator of mining activity in Victoria. We work with other co-regulators, such as the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria and City of Greater Bendigo, to address matters relating to mining activities.

If you have an enquiry about mining activities, please lodge your concern with us using the online form. This will ensure your enquiry is logged, delegated to the right person for response and tracked appropriately. Alternatively, you can phone 1300 366 356 or email

Enquiries submitted to Earth Resources Regulations outside these contact channels may not receive a response.

To lodge a report with EPA, contact EPA’s 24-hour pollution hotline on 1300 372 842 or via their website at

Enquiries to City of Greater Bendigo may be lodged via phone (03) 5434 6000 or email

Earth Resources Regulation urges you to raise any concerns you may have with mining activities at any mine site with the relevant operator. The Fosterville mine receives calls directly on: 03 5439 9000

Page last updated: 14 Jun 2022