Community Advisor Grants

Helping residents have their say on local development.

The pilot Community Advisor Grant Program will enable locals to access legal expertise to help them understand and contribute to the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process for the Fingerboards Mineral Sands proposal in Glenaladale and the Bunyip North Granite Quarry. The EES is a key process in determining if the proposals should proceed or not and, if so, under what conditions:

The program

Grants were available to local not-for-profit community organisations. Grant funds were provided only for organisations to engage legal services to assist in making a submission to the EES process.

Program grant funding was provided in two separate funding rounds, now concluded:

  • The first round was opened in 2019 for the Fingerboards Mineral Sands proposal EES and is now closed. Mine-free Glenaladale was awarded $40,000.
  • The second round of grant funding was available for the Bunyip North Granite Quarry proposal. Similarly, Friends of Mt Cannibal was awarded $40,000.

The second grant funding round closed on Friday 7 May 2021. Funding applications for the second round are no longer being accepted.

Some of the things considered in assessing applications included an organisation’s:

  • ability to show substantial potential impacts from the proposals on its members
  • capability and commitment to take-part in the EES process
  • need for government funding to enable it to participate in the EES process.

The second and final round of grants for this pilot project is now closed.

Further information

For general enquiries about the Community Advisor Grant Program email

Page last updated: 02 Sep 2022