Our Minister

Jaala Pulford MP

Victoria's Minister for Resources is Jaala Pulford MP.

Minister Pulford has been the upper house member for Western Victoria since 2006.

Minister Pulford also holds the position of Minister for Employment, Minister for Innovation, Medical Research and the Digital Economy, and Minister for Small Business.

Announcements from Minister Pulford will be available on the Premier's media centre.

Ministerial Statement of Expectations

A Ministerial Statement of Expectations (SoE) is a strategic direction that outlines the Victorian Government's expectations about regulatory governance and performance.

Statements convey the Minister for Resources' priorities and objectives for Earth Resources Regulation. Statements are issued annually at the beginning of each financial year.

Our regulatory work is guided by the government's priorities and objectives. We report annually about how and what we do to meet these expectations.

Ministerial Statement of Expectations 2018-20

The Minister for Resources has issued a Statement of Expectations (SoE) for Earth Resources Regulation to continue its program of reform.

Target areas for improvement during 2018-20 include:

  • streamlining the work plan approvals pathway
  • developing guidance, processes and procedures
  • staff training
  • ICT systems

By meeting the Statement of Expectations, Earth Resources Regulation will have:

  • adopted an outcomes-based approach to regulation based on recognised performance standards, while providing greater flexibility for industry to comply with the standards;
  • embedded stakeholder and community engagement functions as a core responsibility of all staff;
  • implemented improvements to the regulatory system; and
  • boosted its technical capability and capacity to assess applications and conduct compliance.

These measures will improve the regulatory system for the minerals and extractive sectors by simplifying processes whilst ensuring that regulatory standards are upheld.

An evaluation of Earth Resources Regulation's delivery of these improvements will be undertaken and a report will be released in December 2019

Ministerial Statement of Expectations 2018-20

Response to Ministerial Statement of Expectations 2018-20

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