Technical Review Board

The Technical Review Board (TRB) is a team of experts with international mining experience. The TRB was established in August 2009 as an Advisory Panel under Sections 54A, 54C, 54D and 54E of the Mineral Resources (Sustainability Development) Act 1990 (MRSDA). Establishment of the Board was one of the government's initiatives in response to the recommendations by the Mining Warden Inquiry into the catastrophic Yallourn Mine batter collapse in 2007.

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The purpose of the TRB is to provide advice to the Minister for Resources on mine, quarry stability and rehabilitation issues, specifically in relation to reducing risks to the environment, public safety and infrastructure and the continuity of mining operations where the coal supply to Victorian power stations may be affected.

Members of the Board are appointed by the Minister after a competitive process that assesses candidates' qualifications against the skills required for new board members. TRB members are appointed for three-year terms.

The details of the Technical Review Board members can be viewed at Public Board Appointments Victoria.

  1. The Board will provide written advice to the Minister every six months (or more frequently if requested by the Minister) on mine and quarry stability and rehabilitation in the areas set out below. The scope of the Board's meeting agenda will include those areas.
    1. Strategy
      • Advice on the department's strategies and regulatory approach to mine and quarry stability and geotechnical issues, and rehabilitation and closure planning
      • Advice on new developments in technology and science relating to the understanding, monitoring or management of mine and quarry stability and related geotechnical and hydrogeological issues and rehabilitation.
    2. Stability reports
      • Reviews of mine and quarry stability reports, that have been submitted to the department.
    3. Rehabilitation and closure planning
      • Advice on any issues related to rehabilitation, including progressive rehabilitation and closure planning within mines and quarries.
      • Advice on issues related to community engagement during the planning and implementation of progressive rehabilitation and closure planning within mines and quarries.
    4. Other activities
      • Advice on formulating appropriate responses to significant events relating to mine and quarry stability, related geotechnical and hydrogeological issues, and to rehabilitation and closure planning..
      • Advise the Minister on appropriate guidelines and educational initiatives related to mine and quarry stability.
      • With the prior agreement of the Minister, interact directly with industry on mine and quarry stability and related geotechnical and hydrogeological issues, including participation in site visits, presentations and dialogue.
      • In conjunction with the department, interact directly with the Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Engineering Research Group (GHERG) of Federation University Australia in relation to the research and development program on brown coal geotechnical and hydrogeological issues.
      • Provide guidance to the Minister on the implementation of risk-based methodologies to regulation of the minerals and extractives sectors
  2. The Board will provide a written report to the Minister by the end of August each year in relation to the Board's activities and outcomes for the financial year. The Minister may subsequently release the Board's report to the department and relevant industry stakeholders.

Technical Review Board Annual Report

The Technical Review Board reports to the Minister on an annual basis.

2015-16 annual report

2014-15 annual report

2013-14 annual report

2012-13 annual report

2011-12 annual report

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