Our role

The Resources branch sits within the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

We play a key role in:

  • regulating the resources industry to effectively manage risks to the environment and community
  • attracting and facilitating investment in coal, gas, and mineral resources
  • managing access to earth resources for current and future use
  • supporting investment in technological development

To help us do our work we partner with a range of other government agencies and industry organisations. Agreements with these organisations aid the regulation of our resources sector in line with community and industry expectations.

What we do

Through the delivery of geoscience, policy and regulation, we enable industry to responsibly and sustainably develop Victoria’s earth resources. We work with industry to build community knowledge and confidence in the social, environmental and economic performance of the resources sector.

Resources branch comprises three units:

Earth Resources Regulation

Earth Resources Regulation enables earth resources projects that generate jobs and business opportunities, and hold operators accountable to protect communities, infrastructure and the environment

Earth Resources Policy and Programs

We deliver resources policy and legislative reform that enables investment, jobs and safeguarding of public safety, infrastructure and the environment.

Earth Resources Economic Development

We are responsible for attracting new investment into the resources sector in Victoria.

Page last updated: 19 Dec 2022