Regulator ensuring quarries are ready in case of flooding

Earth Resources Regulation continues to implement improvements focused on maximising the efficiency of site rehabilitation and its collaborations across the resources sector.

Earth Resources Regulation is working with quarry operators, water managers and emergency agencies to ensure plans are in place to minimise potential impacts of flooding in quarries, on communities, infrastructure and property.

Quarry operators in the state’s northeast have been preparing their sites for the potential risk of flooding. The regulator recently inspected several quarries with the State Emergency Services and the North East Catchment Management Authority to observe flood preparedness.

Flooding in the Victoria’s northeast in 2016 caused significant erosion, threatening the gas pipeline, electricity lines and residential properties. Since then, rehabilitation work has significantly improved the stability of embankments but active areas within some quarries remain exposed to flood risks.

In preparation of potential flooding, and to minimise the risks of potential erosion due to flood water entering their quarry, Baxter Property Holdings has installed a pipeline and pumps at its Wodonga site that will direct water into the quarry pit in a controlled manner if required.

Earth Resources Regulation has issued two notices to Wodonga Quarries, requiring the company to prepare and implement Flood Management Plans at its Edwards Road and Lincoln Causeway sites.

Once the plans are approved, Earth Resources Regulation will continue to closely monitor the sites to ensure the plans are appropriately implemented to minimise the risks of flooding on communities and local infrastructure.

Quotes attributable to Earth Resources Regulation Executive Director Anthony Hurst:

“The operators of quarries in the northeast have been proactive in addressing the risks associated with rising water levels in the Hume Dam.”

“Where notices have been issued, we’ll continue working with operators to ensure appropriate flood plans are developed, approved and implemented to maintain safety at quarries and the areas surrounding them.”

“We’re in regular contact with local water managers, councils and emergency response agencies to manage risks associated with flooding in the state’s northeast to protect communities and infrastructure."

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