Video transcript: New Gippsland quarry to help Victoria’s big build

[Vision: Aerial view of Bacchus Marsh - New quarries, new buildings, new infrastructure. New Grantville Quarry, 20 new jobs, 80 Olympic swimming pools of sand produced a year. Aerial view of quarry]

Nathan Winter - Hanson Bacchus Marsh Quarry

My names is Nathan, I’m the Manager here at the Hanson Bacchus Marsh Quarry.

[Vision: View of quarry and sand being moved to trucks. Workers building a concrete slab for a new home, view of footpath and kerbs - sand being loaded onto truck]

The end use of the sand that you see behind me here, a lot of that ends up in residential, so the concrete slab below our home, and the footpaths out the front, and the kerbs along the road out the front of our house, so that sand is an integral ingredient in that concrete mix.

[Vision: Truck moving sand - Hillgrove new estate signage]

We also, this sand makes its way into the multi-residential, so your apartments and the like, and also project work.

[Vision: Underground metro tunnel graphics and train]

So particularly you think of these large government infrastructure projects.

Brian Hauser - Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia

[Vision: Aerial view of suburb]

Each one of us is requiring these materials to build the schools, the homes and indeed the roads and the big infrastructure projects that we have at the moment.

Dr Elizabeth Gibson - Construction Material Processors Association

[Vision: Workman working on machinery - Truck being loaded with sand]

The benefits to the local community by having a quarry in their area are the jobs, and also the use of local contractors to do a lot of work.

[Vision: Nathan speaking - Staff member working in office, truck leaving site - view of quarry - truck being loaded with sand]

Quarry and mines are no longer the rough, destructive cowboy type environments that people once thought.

[Vision: Traffic in the community - Nathan speaking, aerial view of suburb]

They sort of used to be, I think we’re very aware now that we live as part of the community, we are members of the community and as such, being members of the community it’s important that we’re all respectful of our neighbours and those who live around us.

[Victoria State Government - Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]