Video transcript: Encouraging Minerals Exploration North-central Victoria

[Title: Encouraging minerals exploration in north central Victoria]

[Vision: Aerial view of farmland]

Fiona Clarke - Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions - Resources

Exploration for minerals such as gold and metals is a common occurrence across Victoria.

[Vision: Fiona testing soil samples - view of local shops - people at café]

When exploration programs are underway money is spent in rural communities on a range of services, and these can be an economic boost to local towns.

[New ground will soon be available for minerals exploration]

[Vision: Fiona testing soil samples]

[Ground east and north east of Bendigo is prospective for finding more gold]

[Vision: Staff on site testing soil samples - Fiona speaking]

People often confuse minerals exploration and mining, they’re very different activities, but both are closely regulated in Victoria.

[Vision: Aerial view of farmland]

[The North Central Victorian Goldfields Ground Release tender is now open]

[Vision: Fiona speaking - Commercial Consent Agreement for Access to Private Land in Victoria brochure]

It’s really important that support is available for landholders in discussions with explorers who are seeking to access their land.

[Vision: Fiona speaking - aerial view of farmland]

This is why the Victorian Government is trialling new land access tools to support landholders in these discussions.

[To find out more about minerals exploration in Victoria visit]

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