Capturing interest in CarbonNet

CarbonNet continues to deliver online information sessions that outline the project's achievements, explain Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and discuss how CCS promotes the use of hydrogen.

This week has seen the third in a series of information session take place as interest in the CarbonNet project and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) grows.

Anyone missing a session can visit earthresources.vic.gov.au/CarbonNet to watch them back.

The first event held in May featured Chris Consoli from the Global CCS Institute and an overview of the technology. Subsequent sessions have focussed on CarbonNet’s progress and why Gippsland is suitable for CCS.

The two remaining sessions are now open for registration:

To help ensure the sessions provide all attendees with relevant information and answers, attendees can submit questions upon registration. Questions will also be accepted online via a chat function during the event and answered if time permits.

Countries around the world are investing in CCS as part of their commitments to decarbonisation and emissions reduction. CarbonNet is working towards establishing a commercial scale CCS network in Gippsland.

If implemented CarbonNet will lead to a carbon transportation and storage network that will protect existing jobs, introduce new industries and employment opportunities to the Latrobe Valley and enable significant CO2 emission reductions.

The project will provide a CO2 transport and storage solution for the Japanese-led Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Project in the Latrobe Valley should it be commercialised.

This year is an important one for CarbonNet with the project commencing an Environmental Effects Statement process, identifying a preferred pipeline route, the engineering design process and legislative approvals.

Quotes attributable to Earth Resources Executive Director Policy & Programs Jane Burton:

“These sessions are a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning about Carbon Capture and Storage and its benefits – that’s why we are making them available online as a permanent resource.”

“Interest in Carbon Capture and Storage is growing rapidly, with the project entering an important and exciting phase, we’re keen to update the community about this work.”

“CarbonNet represents a fantastic opportunity for the development of new industries in Gippsland, including commercial hydrogen production.”

Contact: Mark Farrugia

Phone: (03) 8392 6913