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Community engagement a key focus for gas program


The Victorian Gas Program (VGP) continues to share its research with the community to help ensure its advice to government reflects the broad range of views across the state regarding onshore conventional gas exploration and development.

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Regulator acts to safeguard former gas wells


Earth Resources Regulation has taken action to ensure the safety of redundant coal seam gas wells and infrastructure in Gippsland.

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Resources sector continues to grow


Today’s release of the 2019-20 Earth Resources Sector Indicators report highlights that Victoria’s resources sector remains strong.

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CarbonNet jobs forecast for Gippsland


A report estimates that CarbonNet could support new industries which may deliver up to 3,000 construction jobs and then up to 1,000 ongoing operational jobs from 2030.

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Ensuring locals have their say on quarry development


Bunyip North residents and community organisations are being supported to have their voices heard on a local quarry development thanks to the second round of a trial grants program.

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Airborne survey covers 43% of Victoria


Geoscience Australia has completed an airborne electromagnetic survey across western Victoria as part of its Exploring for the Future program.

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Recognising the achievements of women in resources


The important contribution of women to their workplaces and the industry are celebrated through the Victorian Women in Resources Awards.

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