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Community engagement a key focus for gas program


The Victorian Gas Program (VGP) continues to share its research with the community to help ensure its advice to government reflects the broad range of views across the state regarding onshore conventional gas exploration and development.

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Quarry sector provides the pillars of sustainability


The quarry sector can make an important contribution to Victoria’s environment by sustainably developing resources and providing recycled products for use in construction.

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Stay safe when prospecting with a miner’s right


Recreational prospecting is a low impact way of looking for gems or minerals that provides opportunities to exercise, socialise and connect with Victoria's rich history.

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Gas science program leaves positive legacy for Victoria


One of the state’s largest ever programs of science has now concluded with the Geological Survey of Victoria releasing the fifth and final Victorian Gas Program Progress Report.

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Victoria’s gold stocks on the rise


In an interview appearing in the November edition of Australian Mining the Geological Survey of Victoria’s Cameron Cairns outlines some of the gold projects underway across the state and Victoria’s potential for future discoveries.

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Testing to confirm offshore gas potential


Beach Energy has been granted permission to commence a new round of well testing at their site near Port Campbell.

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New liaison point for the quarry industry


Earth Resources Regulation has strengthened its stakeholder engagement capability by appointing Mr John Malempre from Conmats Consulting as an Independent Stakeholder Liaison.

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