Coronavirus (COVID-19) information


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Victorian Travel Permit System

Victoria has established a permit system for all domestic travel into Victoria. The permit system is for both travellers to Victoria and residents of Victoria returning home from interstate travel. For information about the permit system visit

For up-to-date information on travel restrictions for your state, see Travel updates.

COVIDSafe Plans

It is mandatory for every Victorian business to have a COVIDSafe Plan.

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In response to changes in the media landscape, Earth Resources Regulation has made changes to help communities have a continued say in local minerals development through the release of a new engagement guideline.

Earth Resources Regulation media release 4 May 2020

Earth Resources Regulation has put temporary measures in place to help quarry and mine operators who need to adjust their operations to continue supply of critical resources while restrictions are in place to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Earth Resources Regulation will work with operators to prioritise and expedite approvals needed to enable you to address impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) and respond to market demand.

Earth Resources Regulation will fast-track the approval process for works to supply critical material for infrastructure projects at a time when businesses are facing additional pressure.

Minister for Resources media release 22 May 2020

Earth Resources Regulation has made some temporary changes to ensure we can safely carry out compliance activities while coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are in place across Victoria.

Earth Resources Regulation is now resuming field activities across Victoria, including routine inspections and site activities. Our staff will contact site operators in advance of any visits and follow COVIDSafe Plan requirements.

For specific enquiries about the new working arrangements please contact

For more information about current restrictions and employer obligations, please visit

Changes to compliance activities – metropolitan Melbourne

All routine field activities can now resume, including responding to complaints. All inspections will be announced, and will be conducted in accordance with COVIDSafe plans.

We will encourage any community meetings to be held online to minimise large gatherings.

Onsite initial site meetings can resume

Earth Resources Regulation has resumed onsite initial site meetings for proposed work plans and variations across Victoria.

Please contact us to discuss whether a virtual initial site meeting may still be appropriate, including use of video footage and/or photographs of the site.

Please email and a member of the Assessments team will contact you to discuss your situation.

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