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Powerline Bushfire Safety Program - reducing the risk

Read your guide to power outagesIn 2011 the Victorian Government announced a $750 million Powerline Bushfire Safety program (PBSP). The 10-year program will deliver on recommendations (27 and 32) of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission and aims to reduce the risk of bushfires caused by electrical assets without causing significant impact on electricity supply reliability.

The program also includes:

  • Regulatory Impact Statement - View the Electricity Safety (Bushfire Mitigation) Regulation 2016Changes to network operations to prevent bushfire starts at the times and locations of greatest risk, whilst minimising disruptions to customer supply.
  • A Government contribution of up to $200 million over 10 years towards the replacement of the most dangerous power lines in the State that would otherwise not have been replaced. Watch the videos of replacement works taking place.
  • Up to $40 million from Government to mitigate power reliability impacts on customers critically reliant on power - known as the Local Infrastructure Assistance Fund (LIAF).
  • A Government contribution of up to $10 million over 5 years to continue research and development to identify cost-effective risk reduction technologies and procedures.
  • Electricity businesses will also invest an estimated $500 million on new generation electrical asset protection and control equipment.

A more detailed overview of the Powerline Bushfire Safety Program and implementation activity to date can be viewed via the following links:

Are you eligible to apply for the Powerline Replacement Fund?

View the Powerline Replacement Fund

Be prepared for power outage

In extreme weather conditions, the risk of power outage is greater and people should be prepared and have a plan to manage blackouts. Consider your need for back-up power if you are highly reliant on electricity and don't rely on power as part of any bushfire preparedness plan.

Remember power outages can also affect phones, radios and water pumps - so arrange for alternatives that do not rely on electricity supply.

This guide to power outages can help you prepare.

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