As of 1 July 2016, the Energy portfolio has moved to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. This website will be progressively updated to reflect this change.

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Power Outages

Victoria has very reliable electricity supplies, but sometimes power outages can occur.

The most important thing during a power outage is to stay safe:

  • Keep clear of fallen powerlines and keep others away
  • Be careful with temporary generators
  • If there has been significant damage to your property, make sure a licensed electrician checks that it’s safe to turn your power back on.

Power Outages Campaign

In extreme weather conditions, the risk of a power outage is greater. Find out how to prepare for a power outage event using the steps in Your Guide to Power Outages.

Who is responsible for restoring power?

Electricity distribution companies own and operate the poles and wires which connect you to power, and are usually responsible for restoring power in their areas.

There are five electricity distributors and they are each responsible for a region of Victoria.

Find out who your distributor is and how to contact them.

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For information on power outages in languages other than English, please call 13 61 86.