As of 1 July 2016, the Energy portfolio has moved to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. This website will be progressively updated to reflect this change.

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Closed Feed-in Tariff schemes

In the past, different rates were available for different renewable energy technologies and different sized systems. This has been streamlined to one rate for new applicants, based on the adjusted wholesale price for electricity. The current Feed-in Tariff is set at a minimum of 8 cents per kilowatt hour for 2014 and will be reviewed annually by the regulator until 2016.

Please note that the changes to the rate received by customers on the current Feed-in tariff for 2015 will not affect customers on the Premium, Transitional or "one-for-one" Standard Feed-in Tariff schemes.

Previous feed-in tariff rates for electricity fed back into the grid are no longer available to new applicants. The closed feed-in-tariff schemes continue to be available to existing customers who maintain their eligibility until the relevant scheme closure date. These schemes are:

Customers accessing the Transitional Feed-in Tariff and the Premium Feed-in Tariff are reminded that any additional panels added to their systems after the scheme closure dates will forfeit their access to the respective scheme.

Find out more about maintaining eligibility

Please note that the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation does not hold or maintain a register of individual feed-in tariff customers. This information is held by your electricity retailer and electricity distributor. If you have any concerns about your current status under either the Transitional or Premium Feed-in Tariff schemes you should check with your electricity retailer as a first point of call.