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 Sphalerite from Cave Hill Quarry, Lilydale, Victoria (Scale: 4 cm)

In Victoria, there is zinc mineralisation in most gold–sulphide and lead–silver deposits. Sphalerite (ZnS) is the main ore of zinc and is usually associated with galena and chalcopyrite. Zinc mineralisation occurs in much the same way as lead, that is, as lenses within limestone, vein deposits associated with granitoids, and as volcanic-hosted massive sulphide mineralisation.

Two major volcanic-hosted massive sulphide zinc deposits are located near Limestone Creek in eastern Victoria and contain sphalerite with chalcopyrite and minor amounts of galena. The Wilga deposit was mined primarily for copper and silver and also produced 16,894 tonnes of zinc from 956,980 tonnes of ore. The nearby Currawong deposit is yet to be exploited and is relatively zinc-rich.

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