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 Tourmaline, quartz, apatite Pegmatite from Tallangatta, NE Victoria (Scale: 11 cm)

Interest in exploration for lithium has grown in response to demand for its use in batteries for electric cars and for several other key automotive components. Aluminium–lithium alloys also have important uses in aerospace technology.

Two types of lithium deposit are known:

  • Deposits associated with granites and pegmatites. These deposits contain spodumene (LiAl(SiO3)2), which is a silicate of lithium and aluminium (e.g. Greenbushes mine in Western Australia) and are the most common lithium deposits.
  • Lithium deposits in arid environments where there are acid volcanic rocks. These deposits are found in brine lakes and salt pans and contain soluble carbonate and chloride salts of lithium (e.g. deposits in Chile).

The spodumene-type deposits may be present in Victoria, but the arid environments that produce soluble lithium salts are not. The Lake Boga granite may be prospective for lithium-bearing minerals.

There are no records of the presence of lithium-bearing minerals in Victoria. However, there has been no exploration specifically targeting lithium in the state.

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