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 Chromite from Mt Wellington, Victoria (Scale: 11 cm)

Chromium is a grey, lustrous, hard metal that is extensively used in the metallurgical and chemical industries. It takes a high polish and has a high melting point. The metallurgical industry uses chromium for the production of stainless steel, alloy cast iron and nonferrous alloys, and for plating steel. In the chemical industry, chromium is used in pigments, metal finishing, electroplating, wood preservatives and leather tanning.

The principal ore of chromium is chromite [(Fe,Mg)(Cr,Al)2O4], which occurs as an accessory mineral in most greenstones, usually associated with magnetite.

In Victoria, chromite has been recorded from Bullumwaal, Dolodrook River, Heathcote, Howqua River and Limestone Creek. The only chromite deposit that has been worked in Victoria was in serpentinite near the Dolodrook River.

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