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Bismuth has a multitude of uses in the cosmetic, medical and energy industries. In Victoria, bismuth is found both as a native metalloid and as a sulphide, bismuthinite (Bi2S3). Bismuth ores are usually closely associated with granites, either as veins within them or in the surrounding rock near their margins. They are commonly found with tungsten and tin deposits.

Native bismuth occurs in a few lodes at Wombat Creek, Mount Kooyoora, Pennyweight Flat, Maldon and Pittong, and as rounded grains in alluvial deposits. Bismuthinite is found at Thologolong, Mount Bendoc and Monkey Gully near Yea. The rare bismuth-gold alloy, maldonite (Au2Bi), is found in gold-bearing reefs at Maldon.

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To create your own maps online and in real time, plan exploration activities by viewing land status, or download GIS data to add to your own maps, visit GeoVic.Map: Bismuth in Victoria.