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 Magnesite from Heathcote, Victoria (Scale: 13.5 cm)

Magnesite (MgCO3) is the raw material for a host of products including magnesium metal and several grades of magnesia (MgO) or magnesia-containing materials for refractories, metallurgical fluxes, fillers, insulation, cements, decolourants, fertilisers and chemicals.

Small deposits of magnesite have been worked near Heathcote, Redesdale and Rowsley, and other deposits have been recorded at Whipstick (near Bendigo), Maldon, Costerfield and Bulla.

Very pure nodular magnesite is found in small quantities 1.5 km southeast of Heathcote, in the contact zone between serpentinised Cambrian metavolcanics and the Commissioners Flat Granodiorite. Decomposition of mafic igneous rocks has resulted in the deposition of magnesite in joints and fractures near the contact. About 4000 tonnes of magnesite was produced from this location between 1911 and 1952.

At Redesdale, there are lenses of magnesite within Ordovician slates and siltstones, but resources are small.

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