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Geothermal Energy Industry Activity

Geothermal energy exploration is at an early stage in Victoria. From 2007-2009 (following the creation of the Geothermal Energy Act 2005) much of the State was taken up for exploration by  Earth Solar Power, GeoGen Victoria, Greenearth Energy, Hot Rock Ltd and Petratherm (MNGI).  Temperature logging and several magnetotelluric surveys were carried out looking for deep hot geothermal resources. 

Current Geothermal Energy Use

Geothermal energy is currently utilised from shallow, warm levels (rather than from deeper, hotter levels), and is focussed on extracting warm water for spas and agricultural purposes.  The use of geothermal heat pumps to heat and cool buildings is also expanding.

The Geothermal Atlas Project

From 2010 to 2015 the Victorian Government undertook the Geothermal Atlas project to support better understanding of the geothermal potential of the State. A significant amount of basic rock property data and borehole temperature logging was collected and/or compiled by the Geological Survey of Victoria.

To find out more about geothermal prospectivity in Victoria, contact us.

Further information

The Geothermal Energy Act 2005 provides a framework for the exploration and extraction of high temperature  geothermal energy.  For information about applying for a tenement, or to access the Geothermal Energy Act 2005, visit Geothermal Energy Legislation.

The Australian Geothermal Energy Association is the representative body for the geothermal industry in Australia.

The Australian Geothermal Energy Group (AGEG) was formed to provide financial and intellectual support for Australia's membership in the IEA-GIA. Its membership includes geothermal companies, government agencies and universities.