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CarbonNet Project reports

Global CCS Institute carbon-capture and storage

CarbonNet Project reports and associated documents are listed below.

Information about carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities worldwide, along with reports and publications about CCS can be found on the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute website.

Information about Victoria’s Otway Research Facility, which has stored more than 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide under Victoria’s Otways, can be found at the CO2CRC site.


Principles for best practice geomechanics for CCS injection operations and its application to the CarbonNet Project


Probabilistic approach to CO2 plume mapping for prospective storage sites: The CarbonNet experience

The CarbonNet Project: development of a CO2 specification for a CCS hub network

GipNet – Baseline environmental data gathering and measurement technology validation for nearshore marine Carbon Storage

Marine monitoring scoping study


The CarbonNet Project: CarbonNet storage site selection & certification: challenges and successes

The CarbonNet Project: Integrity of wells in the near-shore area Gippsland Basin Victoria

The CarbonNet Project: 3D mapping and correlation of intraformational seals within the Latrobe Group in the nearshore Gippsland Basin

The CarbonNet Project: Site characterisation for carbon storage in the near shore Gippsland Basin

The CarbonNet Project: A historical perspective

The CarbonNet Project: Developing a business model for a CCS hub network

Near-shore aquifer modelling of CO2 geological storage in the Gippsland Basin


Carbon capture and storage regulatory test toolkit for Victoria, Australia: Outcomes and recommendations


If you have any questions please contact CarbonNet:


Phone: 136 186