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The CarbonNet Project - Current Stage

The CarbonNet Project Brochure cover photo
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CarbonNet is at the feasibility and commercial definition stage. During this stage CarbonNet is continuing evaluation of potential offshore storage sites with the aim of selecting sites for high grade detailed mapping to determine the optimum locations for the safe, long term storage of CO2.

Following selection of the sites, approval will be sought to conduct a seismic survey to obtain additional geological information and drill an appraisal well to retrieve rock samples. These rock samples will allow scientists to verify data and accurately assess the properties of the rock which will form the 'cap rock' and hold the stored CO2 in place.

Investigation into suitable potential carbon capture plants and technology continues, along with evaluation of transport pipeline routes to the selected injection site. Defining the commercial structure and underlying principles to attract private sector investment is also a focus during this stage of the project.

The CarbonNet Project assessment permits


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Airborne gravity survey

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Soil hydrocarbon survey