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GeoVic — Explore Victoria Online

GeoVic is a free web mapping application which allows users to search geospatial databases and to display the results as maps or tables. GeoVic data layers include the following:

  • mineral, petroleum and extractive industry tenements
  • geological maps and interpretations at various scales
  • land-use data
  • aerial photography
  • airborne geophysical survey boundaries
  • gravity, magnetic and radiometric images
  • borehole & well data
  • surface geochemistry results
  • mines and mineral occurrences
  • renewable energy data (eg solar, geothermal and wind)

The Data Layers table provides a detailed description of the layers accessible in GeoVic.

Accessing GeoVic


There are two versions of GeoVic:

  • GeoVic Version 3 (Registered). GeoVic 3 was released in 2011. Registered users are able to access all online data and program functions. The registered version is optimised for Firefox 3.5+ and will work on Safari, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8+.
  • GeoVic Version 3 (Anonymous). No user name or password is required. Anonymous users have restricted access to data and program functionality. Version 3 is optimised for Firefox and will work on Safari, Opera and Chrome. The Anonymous version does not work in Internet Explorer 6, however it has been tested in version 8 and is reasonably reliable.

It is highly recommended that users read the Version 3 Help GeoVic Help Documentation v3 (DOCX 5306.14 KB)DOCX icon documentation prior to using GeoVic.

Tablets/Mobile devices

GeoVic Version 3 has limited functionality on tablets and mobile devices. It can display layers , pinch zoom, query and search datasets. It also allows the tracking of the user’s location.

It does not have the following capabilities: Add theme, add other data, select features (spatially), Redline/Markup, Historic Mining Activity Report and Exporting Spatial Data.


GeoVic has the following functionality:

  • Add any of over 800 layers
  • Spatial searches and search by attribute (including common searches)
  • Quick search for single features on key earth resource layers
  • Legends
  • Print a map in various styles
  • Export of spatial data via various methods and various formats (eg, kml for Google Earth and Excel)
  • Links to other systems (Detailed Reports, Online Store, Company Reports, Google Maps etc)
  • Layer transparency and layer ordering capability
  • Display and search map co-ordinates
  • Measure Distance and Areas
  • Buffer/Intersect selected features to select other selected features
  • Detailed Layer Metadata
  • Historic Mining Analysis Report
  • Help, Video Tutorials and Feedback

Need help?

Assistance for GeoVic users is provided in the Help documentation (Version 3 Help GeoVic Help Documentation v3 (DOCX 5306.14 KB)DOCX icon). There is also a dedicated Help section within the GeoVic program itself.

For further information, support, or to report an error, contact or telephone (03) 9452 8987 (9.00am - 5.00pm, Mon - Fri).