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Exploration under the Stavely Minerals Exploration Initiative

Through the Stavely Ground Release, interested explorers were able to apply for one or more of the 11 minerals exploration blocks being offered. Priority was given to exploration for copper, gold and other eligible metals. Exploration for coal and gas will not be permitted under these exploration licences.

The tender process was designed to attract companies with the best minerals exploration capability, exploration and community engagement programs, as well as a good history of responsible exploration and community and landholder engagement.

New licences or other authorities under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 cannot be granted over national parks, wilderness parks or State parks under the National Parks Act 1975. This includes the Grampians National Park.

The department will work with communities, industry, and landholders to set clear, upfront provisions to exclude mining from established population centres, whilst allowing low impact exploration to identify regional geological features.

Regionally significant areas, land uses, environmental and heritage features are safeguarded through the regulatory framework outlined in the section on how minerals exploration is regulated in Victoria.

Explorers are required by legislation to ensure they have identified and managed any risks posed by their intended work to the environment, people, land, property or infrastructure.

This same Act sets out requirements of explorers for access to private land such as consultation with land holders, consent, compensation and dispute resolution.

Licence holders are being encouraged to adopt best practice approaches to communication and negotiation with landholders on land access.

The department is progressing improvements to land access arrangements to help landholders feel more confident in interacting with explorers about their exploration programs and land access.

Read more about land access and regulations.