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Information for Communities

Minerals exploration and development is an important part of Victoria’s regional economy, bringing investment and jobs to regional areas and communities.

Western Victoria has a long history of continuous exploration for minerals such as gold and other metals. In fact, over the last decade, an average of around 26 per cent of land in Victoria has been under minerals exploration licences.

Attracting new investment to western Victoria – the Stavely ground release

New scientific research indicates that there is potential for discoveries of copper, gold and other metals to be made in western Victoria.

On 22 June 2018, the Department released ground (11 blocks) for minerals exploration in an area known in geological terms as the Stavely Arc. To encourage responsible minerals explorers with good work programs, social values and a commitment to working with local communities and landholders, a tender was held to select the best explorers to have the right to apply for a minerals exploration licence.

The tender closed on 15 August 2018. Successful applicants will be announced soon.

Map of the Stavely Ground Release area

Map showing the Stavely Ground Release area and exploration blocks.

Information for local communities

Throughout July and August 2018, Department staff held nine initial pop-in information sessions for local communities and landholders in towns across the Stavely Arc region, as part of ongoing engagement with local communities throughout the tender and licensing process.

If you weren’t able to attend one of these initial information sessions, please contact our Stakeholder and Community Engagement Manager at or (03) 8392 9028 to discuss other opportunities to find out more.

Did you know?

Minerals exploration projects usually start with activities which have no or low impact on the ground (like surveying or soil sampling) over larger areas. As the explorer learns more about the geology, they refine their exploration program to focus progressively on much smaller areas within the minerals licence boundary.