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The Stavely Ground Release

On 22 June 2018 minerals exploration areas were tendered in western Victoria.

The tender closed at 5pm Wednesday 15 August 2018 AEST.

The outcomes of the tender will be announced soon.

See map of minerals exploration areas (blocks) being tendered.

See information for local communities and landholders.

See tender information and application process.

See pre-competitive geoscience data, reports and models.

Landholders having a discussion with a minerals explorer.

Minerals exploration and development is an important part of Victoria’s regional economy, bringing investment and jobs to regional areas and communities.

Minerals exploration in western Victoria

An extensive geoscience program completed by the Geological Survey of Victoria, in partnership with Geoscience Australia and other research partners indicates that a large area in western Victoria known in geological terms as the Stavely Arc has potential for discoveries of copper, gold and other metals.

Discoveries of minerals could bring jobs, investment and other economic benefits to the area’s regional communities.

The Stavely Ground Release

The Victorian Government recently tendered 11 new large exploration licence areas (blocks), for minerals exploration in the Stavely Arc (excluding coal and gas exploration). To attract the best minerals explorers, the Victorian Government made available up to $500,000 in minerals exploration grants per block, from the $15 million TARGET Minerals Exploration Initiative.

The tender is a key part of an ongoing program led by the department to attract investment in minerals exploration to the region, whilst working with local communities to understand what is important to them, help local communities understand more about minerals exploration and how it’s regulated.

The tender invited minerals exploration companies to submit an application for the sole right to apply for a minerals exploration licence for one or more of the blocks being offered.

Through this tender and licensing process, the department is putting in place some new approaches to help minerals explorers work more closely with landholders and local communities prior to, and throughout their minerals exploration programs, to improve land access arrangements and support for landholders and to help landholders feel more confident in interacting with explorers.